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Plane view… why I love the window seat

Flying has lost its glamour somewhat but when you get a plane view like this one you tend to forget the queues at check-in and hassles of security, writes Sarah Lee.

I was flying to my ski trip in Bulgaria when I was given the window seat on my flight. It’s been a long while since I’ve had the luxury of the window seat – I usually like to stretch my legs into the aisle – but for some reason I didn’t change it.

And I’m glad.

It was a cold, but clear morning, and as soon as we’d taken off from London Heathrow I found myself studying the drama developing in my plane view.

As we hit the continent little puffs of cloud obscured my view. But as we headed from Germany into Austria mountains pressed through the cloud cover – pushing them aside. This picture was taken above the Austrian Alps, close to Zell am See and the city of Salzburg.

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