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Spa treatments: the world’s most weird and wonderful

I love spa treatments – everything from a fairly ordinary facial to a multi-part full body scrub, wrap and massage. And I do like to try some unusual sounding spa treatments like an exotic waterfall massage, but there are some treatments which are frankly mystifying. Today there seems to be  almost as many spa treatments as there are stars in the sky. Many are fabulous, some however are just plain weird.

Weird spa treatments

The world's most weird and wonderful spa treaments

Snakes alive!

Throughout history slithering snakes have held a fascination for humans. Many of us, me in particular, recoil from them. However, today you can enjoy, if that is the correct term, a massage with them. Yes, you read correctly. In Israel, at Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm and Spa, you can swap your hard-earned cash for a snake massage. It is performed by a combination of small and large, non-venomous snakes, wriggling all over your naked flesh. If you try it do leave a comment to let me know what it’s like – it’s one I won’t be going anywhere near.

Facing the crap

The Shizuka New York Day Spa offers a very interesting treatment. How do you fancy a facial made of Nightingale droppings? Yes, there seems to be no extremes to which some people would go in the pursuance of beauty. The Geisha facial ($180) is based on a traditional remedy used by Japanese geishas. The facial uses the enzymes found in the Nightingales’ excrement which is said to break down dead skin cells, apparently leaving clients with a warm, glowing complexion. It’s worth noting that the bird poop used has been sanitized and is in powder form, making it perfectly hygienic.

Wonderful spa treatments

Next round’s on me

Try a beer bath. There a many great spas in and around Seefeld, just outside Innsbruck, however this is a particular favourite of ours. At Hotel Diana, you not only relax in a rejuvenating barrel of warm beer (in essence it’s a bath filled with malt, yeast and hops that leaves the skin soft and nourished), but you also get your own beer and a tap to top up your drink during the 20 minute spa treatments. It was an experience like no other, completed by a 45 minute rest in a hay bed, which is said to have energising properties and many health benefits. I must say I have rarely felt so totally relaxed.

Sail away to spa bliss

There are standard spa treatments, there are unusual ones and then there’s the romantic indulgence of a Venetian Gondola massage. At Casanova Spa at Hotel Cipriani in Venice, Italy, you can set sail on a Gondola to a hidden corner of a Venetian lagoon – a rather unusual venue for spa treatments.  Right there on board thee gondola you’re massaged while the boat gentle rocks on the waves, all set against  the magnificent backdrop of the city. There is something for everyone in the world of spa treatments and I’m working my way through most of them. Have you tried any weird and wonderful spa treatments? Or do any of these grab you?


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