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Seven luxury for less travel tips your momma should’ve taught you

Luxury travel can be sexy and inviting but top hotels and upgraded flights can also be expensive – that is unless you’re aware of a few ways to source luxury for less.

Years ago we read bestselling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. He believes that instead of teaching you how to find and keep a good job, parents should teach their kids to invest money and make it work for them.

In the spirit of Kiyosaki’s theories we don’t want you to have to save and save for years for a luxury trip. Instead we want to teach you how to save money and travel in luxury for less on every trip.

Our seven luxury for less travel tips

  1. Allow yourself plenty of time when planning a luxury trip. The more time you have, the more likely you’ll be to find a great deal.
  2. Employ tenacity when researching your luxury travels – it may seem a lot of work at first, but knowing a few tricks of the trade and where to look will reduce some of your efforts. Added to that when you find a great hotel at a great price your tenacity will have paid off.
  3. When booking flights and accommodation search lots and lots of websites – there are countless sites with great deals these are just some of the travel sites we use.
  4. Be flexible: being as flexible as possible on date, destination and type of accommodation will net you some great travel deals.
  5. Consider flash sales websites like Groupon, LivingSocial Escapes, Jetsetter and Voyage Prive to help you find your next luxury travel deal – they can offer up great savings and some cool options you wouldn’t have found otherwise. Here’s a list of our favourite flash sales sites.
  6. Join hotel and airline loyalty programmes – collect loyalty points/miles and make them work for you – not only can you get free stays/flights but also upgrades, late check outs, lounge access and discounts. Here’s some of the best travel loyalty programmes.
  7. Always ask for a discount when booking hotels and villas etc. direct. If you don’t ask, they won’t offer.

These are some of the luxury for less basics, every traveller should know. We’ve plenty more tips on planning your luxury travels, DIY-packaging your trip, making the most of flash sales and loyalty programmes in our book, The Luxury Traveller’s Handbook: liberating luxury for smart travellers. Also available: The Luxury Traveler’s Handbook (US Edition).

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LiveShareTravel's founder and editor Sarah, has long been passionate about luxury travel and, with a nose for a deal, has helped many friends book trips as affordable as they are stylish. As a journalist and travel magazine editor with expert knowledge of shared ownership, starting LiveShareTravel was a natural progression. She can't live without her smartphone, loves dancing (especially salsa), wine and massages; and is never happier than when she's wandering the world. She is co-author of The Luxury Traveller's Handbook.

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6 Responses to Seven luxury for less travel tips your momma should’ve taught you

    • Thanks Lisa. Guess they do work for any traveller, but there’s likely more money to be saved for luxury travellers (thinking about those five-star hotels!).

  1. I often travel off season for many reasons and I have found that many of the most expensive cities are affordable in off season: example: On my trips each year to Italy i have been able to stay in 4 star hotels for the price of a 3 star… and yes it is worth it. On this trip I stayed at an ocean front hotel, a city center hotel and a 4+ start hotel all for $80.00 or less…. sometimes makes up for the cold weather…

    • Another good tip, Lee.

      Shoulder season (the time between high and low) can also be a great time to travel and offering some decent weather. Although off season can have other attractions – fewer crowds, better access to sights and availability at restaurants. Then there’s the fact that you get to see a destination in a completely different way – perhaps even a little known festival or event. Off season is definitely worth considering.

  2. Often times ultra luxury hotels have only three stars (versus five.) These 3 star hotels lack a casino, golf course, or cavernous lobby; however, they have elegant interior design, top notch chefs, and very personalized service. One such hotel group is the Relais and Chateau. Others include Preferred Hotels of the World, Kimpton, etc.

    • Interesting you mention star ratings, Angela. Sadly although we all use them to measure the quality of a hotel, as we discuss in our book The Luxury Traveller’s Handbook, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. I find that most ‘ultra luxury’ hotels do have five star ratings.

      But equally star ratings are often based on the location of the hotel and facilities like the casino and golf course you mentioned rather than the quality of the service. Star ratings are a bit of a minefield and to be of any real use, need standardising.

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