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Taking to the road to explore Canada

Canada – where to begin? The country is so vast and so impressive it’s hard to know where to head to first to explore Canada. Still I made my first visit to Toronto last year to take in its luxury travel offerings.

I loved the city, but sadly, as is often the case, didn’t feel I’d really had enough time to discover it all. So I’m delighted to be heading back to the Toronto next Thursday.

But let’s rewind for a moment. I’m currently sat in what is perhaps one of Canada’s lesser known cities. I’m in St John’s, in Newfoundland & Labrador, set to explore Canada, starting with two of its most easterly provinces.

How I’ll explore Canada from Newfoundland to Prince Edward Island and Toronto

I recorded this video preview and I have to say, it actually does little to communicate how thrilled I am to be here.

It was filmed early in the morning, at another airport, as I raced to catch a flight somewhere else in the world.

But I do mention just a couple of the reasons why I’m relishing this opportunity to explore Canada, on this occasion Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and Toronto.

Here’s a few highlights of what I’m set to experience, and most importantly, fill you in on over the coming days.

As soon as I publish this story I’ll be hopping on a wee Air Canada plane to Gander, before driving up to Twillingate early tomorrow morning.

It sits at the northern heart of Newfoundland’s 29,000 kilometres of coastline. I’m particularly excited about this section of the trip. At Twillingate, weather permitting, we will go on a boat trip to explore Canada’s wild coast, spotting icebergs, humpback, sperm, minke whales and orcas, and some of Newfoundland’s 35 million seabirds.

Spotting calving icebergs are one way to explore Canada

Back on land, and having worked up a hunger, I’ll explore Canada’s best food and drink. From Newfoundland’s cuisine at Anchor Inn Hotel and Suites to wine at Auk Island Winery – I’ll bring you a taste of some of the province’s best cuisine.

On Monday, we’ll be loosening our belts as we fly to Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island. Canada’s smallest province also seems to be it’s most food-loving.

In the chocolate-box village of Victoria-by-the-Sea I’ll be making chocolates, then sampling a tasting menu at Lot 30 Restaurant.

The following day, will be another major highlight. I’ll be attending a culinary bootcamp at the Culinary Institute of Canada. I’m not sure how I’ll get on with it. Although I love cooking, the class includes a host of PEI’s finest seafood – from lobster to mussels, oysters, and clams – a lot of which I’m not used to handling. I just hope the Culinary Institute of Canada’s master chefs realise what they’ve set themselves in for.

As I head to Toronto, I’ll be bringing updates on some of my favourite attractions and luxury travel treats – boutique shopping anyone?

As ever, I’ll be bringing you stories on all the above here on LiveShareTravel, as well as live updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

You’ll also want to follow my partner in travel crime on this trip, Angelika Schwaff of German site Reisefreunde. She’ll be the Thelma to my Louise as we drive across Newfoundland, head to PEI and Toronto.

I hope you follow along, and send any tips, advice or questions about these incredible Canadian destinations and I’ll do my best to answer from the road.


LiveShareTravel's founder and editor Sarah, has long been passionate about luxury travel and, with a nose for a deal, has helped many friends book trips as affordable as they are stylish. As a journalist and travel magazine editor with expert knowledge of shared ownership, starting LiveShareTravel was a natural progression. She can't live without her smartphone, loves dancing (especially salsa), wine and massages; and is never happier than when she's wandering the world. She is co-author of The Luxury Traveller's Handbook.

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  1. I’d love to do an RV trip in Canada. Driving there seems a lot easier than in many countries, though I’m always wary of the wildlife that might run into the road.

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