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Four countries, three airports, one meet and greet company

As travel writers we need to go abroad fairly often and occasionally at short notice. So we need life around our travels to be as easy as possible as we meet and greet new destinations.

To many it will sound a glamorous job and it certainly beats a lot of professions. However, it presents many practical challenges as we juggle the needs of travel, with the mundane necessities of everyday life. Packing, washing, drying and ironing our laundry so we can get back out on the road. Ensuring we have the correct travel documents, or booking flights, hotels, car hire, having the necessary inoculations, stocking up with malaria tablets – the list goes on and on.

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So, whenever we can, we look at ways to ease our travels. Whether it be locals that can wash and iron clothes while we’re on the road, reliable Wi-Fi to allow us to do our work and stay in touch while abroad, or getting to and from the airport efficiently.

Our travel juggling act is partly eased by meet and greet parking

Reducing the pressure with meet and greet parking

Allowing extra time to get to the airport once put pressure on us – having to navigate crowded motorway networks, and building in extra time to drive to offsite airport car parks.

That however has changed since we started using Meteor Meet and Greet airport parking, which saves us the tedious and time-consuming journey to the car park.

Recently our travels took us to Spain, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Gambia and the Netherlands. All in the space of four weeks, with only four days at home.

Our first airport was Stansted, as we headed out for a road trip in Spain. One week on and Sarah was back in the UK for an overnight airport stay before hopping over to the Caribbean. Over two weeks later I returned home for just four days before we both flew from Gatwick to Gambia. And a week later after arriving back at 11.30pm we transferred to Heathrow for a flight to Rotterdam just eight hours later.

Four different countries, three different airports, but the one constant was the meet and greet parking service which smoothed our way.

Each time we arrived at an airport terminal we were met by a uniformed representative. He checked our car over and noted any marks before giving us a receipt and instructions to call them on our return. All very easy, quick and efficient.

If you want to try Meteor Meet and Greet airport parking on your next trip, you can save 20% by entering this promo code on checkout: LIVE2017.


LiveShareTravel's co-founder Terry has never met a country he didn't like. In fact the more he has travelled the more he appreciates the world, and realises that people are largely reassuringly similar. He also enjoys discovering new cultures and has an endless wanderlust only matched by his passion for bathing in beer with new friends. Oh yes, he's most at home in the spa. Terry is also co-author of the The Luxury Traveller's Handbook.

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