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From VW vans to Ethiopia – a world of unusual holiday exchanges

There was a time when holiday exchanges amounted to a break at a timeshare resort on the Costa del Sunshine, or a quaint cottage in the British countryside.

But today there’s a new range of unusual holiday ideas to tempt every traveller.

Touring Britain in a Volkswagen (VW) van, relaxing on a luxury yacht around Turkey or Italy, even exploring the Rift Valley in Ethiopia may not be what you’d immediately think of when considering a holiday exchange.

But, as Dial An Exchange managing director, Europe, Oliver Green explained, the company has a host of unusual options for holiday exchanges.

He said: “People want greater choice and variety in their holidays today. We like to focus on the needs of our members and provide them with a great mix of interesting holiday exchanges.

“The traditional resort holiday or hotel break will always be available, but we’re also offering yachting breaks in two premier regions of Europe, accommodation in beautiful Ethiopia, and timelessly popular VW vans to the many other resort options we have around the world.”

“The VW Vans, provided by Classic Camper Holidays, based in the spectacular Scottish Borders, are perfect for adventurous holidaymakers, and can be taken across the country and even further afield. Each van is different, and offers the unique holiday experiences that you would expect with such an iconic classic.

“Mr Green added: “A Classic Camper adventure allows holidaymakers to go where they like, when they like, and wake up to a different view every morning. The vans even have their own names so you can choose a van to suit your personality between Oscar, Sally, Mr T, Heidi, Daisy and Bluebell.

“For anyone wanting to experience the exhilaration and beauty of the Mediterranean the Dames De La Mer cruising yachts make a great choice. They take up to eight guests in four cabins which are very stylish, and fully-equipped with anything you could need on a holiday. They also come with their very own skipper.

“Among our African holiday exchanges is enthralling Ethiopia. Here our members can relax at the Langano Vacation Club on the shore of Lake Langano, right in the heart of the Rift Valley.

“We will be continuing to expand choices for our members to ensure their holidays are more than great memories.”


LiveShareTravel's co-founder Terry has never met a country he didn't like. In fact the more he has travelled the more he appreciates the world, and realises that people are largely reassuringly similar. He also enjoys discovering new cultures and has an endless wanderlust only matched by his passion for bathing in beer with new friends. Oh yes, he's most at home in the spa. Terry is also co-author of the The Luxury Traveller's Handbook.

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