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The Wrap: Pearly Grey Ocean Club

We had a lovely stay recently at what one of the friendliest resorts in Tenerife, Pearly Grey Ocean Club.

Here we share some highlights of our stay at the resort in Callao Salvaje, a small town on Tenerife’s sunny southern coast. The accommodation was extremely comfortable with everything a family of four could need with beautiful unspoilt views of the Atlantic and the neighbouring island of La Gomera.

Ahead of our visit we’d been told just how friendly Pearly Grey Ocean Club was – something you might dismiss out of hand, or even consider a cliché. But we found that Pearly Grey Ocean Club really had something special like a friendly members’ club where you could visit on your own and still feel right at home.

Have a listen to the short podcast – or Audioboo – here and don’t miss out on a few more photos from our stay below…

First impressions: Pearly Grey Ocean Club

We’d heard that Pearly Grey Ocean Club was a very friendly resort – its reputation was of having a real community focus making it homely and welcoming, so we had high expectations.

Confessions of a theme park virgin

“Why don’t we go to Siam Park today?” she asked. I’m a control freak. Sitting in a rubber tube, hurtling down a water-filled, pitch-black tunnel without being able to steer, brake or control it didn’t appeal.

New beach for Tenerife

A 24-year wait for a beach to be built at a resort in Tenerife could soon be over after a €1,260,944 construction project was agreed by the Spanish government.

Exploring the lava tubes of Cuevo del Viento [PHOTOS]

Descending the steps down into the lava tubes of Tenerife’s Cueva del Viento, the fourth longest in the world, we came face to face with 27,000 years of geography, history and geology.

History comes to life in Tenerife’s La Laguna [PHOTOS]

It is all too easy to write off Tenerife as a holiday destination with no real cultural identity. Yet this small island contains two  UNESCO World Heritage sites. The first,  Mount Teide the island’s volcanic heart, is well-known. However the former capital of Tenerife,  La Laguna was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999 and it is steeped in a rich history.

Dinner with the locals: Tasty tapas in Tenerife [VIDEO]

When I first visited the largest of the Canary Islands about three years ago I have to confess to not being terribly excited by the food on offer in many of Tenerife’s restaurants. So on our last visit we decided – it was time to bring in the big guns and ask some of our friends on the island to take us to their favourite restaurant.


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  1. Great article guys, and what a pleasure it was to have you staying with us for a week.
    I will let you know the dates for the carnival once I have some concrete info.

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When I first visited Tenerife I wasn't terribly excited by food on offer in most of its restaurants. On a...