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When meet and greet airport parking is more than a luxury

When meet and greet airport parking is more than a luxuryAs a woman who often travels alone, I can find my way around the world without too much difficulty.

However, like most women I’m aware of the need to have an eye on my personal safety, both at home and aboard. There are many things we all do, with an eye to our safety when we travel, from not arriving in a place you don’t know late at night, to small things like walking tall and looking confident when you are out and about.

But one thing I hadn’t bargained on was the added sense of safety I’ve enjoyed since using meet and greet airport parking. I started using it as for me it was more of a luxury. It meant I didn’t have to park up miles from the airport and wait to be ushered in aboard a minibus. There was no need to heave heavy luggage around, and best of all – within minutes of getting out of the car, I’d be checking in for my flight.

I could also leave home for the airport later than I otherwise would, which also saves time.

But since discovering this luxury travel extra, by using Meteor Meet and Greet’s service I’ve discovered another benefit – it’s a safer way to travel. I know that when I return to the UK I’ll be met by uniformed staff who bring my car straight to me.

It happens in a secure designated area right outside the terminal and I’m not left to wander around alone, when frankly after a long flight I’m not always at my most alert.

No longer do I need to wander off into vast, lonely airport car parks to search for my car late at night, as I have done so many times in the past.

Meet and greet airport parking reassures my family

My family too are reassured of my welfare, and that within minutes of picking up my luggage I will be safely on my way home. No longer am I having to wait around for buses to take me to distant off-site parking. All of which can easily add 30 minutes to an hour to my journey.

Obviously, it is a bit more expensive to have this meet and greet service, but not so much that it is out of reach of most travel budgets. And, especially when you consider the safety element, the service becomes something you can’t put a price on.

I’ve been using the Meteor Meet and Greet service for a couple of years now and it ticks all the boxes for me. Read more about Meteor’s service and get a 20% discount on airport meet and greet parking when you book with them, by quoting the promo code LIVE2017.


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