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11 of the most romantic places to go in the world

11 romantic places to go in the worldLove, is a many splendid thing we’re told. And so is travel if you ask us, so we decided to gather together a number of romantic places to go in the world for all you lovers.

But why wait for Valentine’s Day to do something romantic with your partner?

Whisk them away for a weekend, surprise them with a romantic location. But where to start?

We’ve listed eleven of the world’s most romantic destinations – some you may associate with a passionate break for two right away – Paris anyone?

Others are lesser-known, or have an amorous history.

Sabah: honeymooner’s haven

Sabah in Borneo is probably best-known for its wildlife, rather than for candle-lit dinners. But this patch of Borneo is becoming a honeymooner’s. haven. Wide white-sand beaches, warm seas, a tropical climate, luxury hotels, delicious food, rainforests, mountains, and it’s only one of two places in the world where you can see orangutans in the wild.

Romantic places to go - Sabah, Borneo

Sabah, is also acknowledged as one of the best places in the world for spectacular sunsets.

As a place for you both to enjoy and Sabah will provide an opportunity to reflect, be thankful and reaffirm what really matters in life – your relationship.

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Sweden: cuddle up in the cold

Despite the cold temperatures, the Icehotel won’t cool your ardor.

What could be more romantic that to huddle together with your loved one and peer at the stars on a clear, cloudless night, or witness the mystical Northern Lights.

Room at Sweden's Icehotel - one of the most romantic places to go | pic: Icehotel

Designed and rebuilt each October in Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden, the Icehotel has bedrooms, furniture, decorations and chandeliers all made by ice. There is even an ice chapel where you can get married – how cool. The Icehotel remains below freezing, at around −5°c.

To complete a very special occasion it’s possible to be transported from the airport to the hotel by a husky sled.

Ticket for two:

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Tahiti: passion in the Pacific

Close your eyes and think of Tahiti. Feel the warmth on your skin, hear the soft summer breeze whistling through palm trees, and imagine your loved one by your side. The troubles of the world seem so far away.

Tahiti, one of the most romantic places to go

Located in the South Pacific, Tahiti is a beautifully scenic and diverse island with flourishing landscapes and astonishing waterfalls. Just the place for a romantic getaway.

Here you can hike mountain trials and valleys, discover lava tubes, relax on lovely beaches and swim the calm waters. Among the world’s romantic destinations, the exotic beauty of Tahiti is difficult to better.

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Dubrovnik: the pretty pearl

Known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, the walled city of Dubrovnik is as scenic as it is romantic.

Dubrovnik, one of the romantic places to go

Stroll hand in hand atop the city walls for tremendous views of the Adriatic and islands dotted offshore, it also allows time and space for a little you time. You won’t be totally alone on the walls, but you will be away from the main crowds of this popular city.

Romantic settings do not get much better than at restaurant, Nautica. It’s perhaps the city’s best restaurant and is set high over the sea.

Get a seat out on the terrace, with the Adriatic lapping below and the walls of the old city as a backdrop – blissful.

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Mornington Peninsula: a rose by any other name

Take a deep breath in Mornington Peninsula and your lungs will be filled by one of two intoxicating scents – either roses or Pinot Noir. The region, south of Melbourne, in Australia, is famed for its gardens and delectable wines.

Romantic places to go - Morning Star Estate one of the best of Victoria's gardens

In fact Mornington Peninsula is a perfect lifestyle destination – a charming mix of impossibly lovely landscapes, delightful rose gardens, long, sandy beaches, delicious eateries with locally-sourced food, wines that dance on the palate, and friendly locals. It’s small, quaint and perfect for a romantic break.

The region also has its fair share of boutique hotels that make for a great couple’s escape. Try a suite on a lake at Woodman’s Estate, or book a cottage at the Tussie Mussie – a cosy, country bolthole named after a posy of flowers.

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Santorini: Oh, Oia!

As the day draws to a close, people travel from all over Santorini to gather for one of the world’s most romantic scenes. And even though the island’s west coast is huddled with people, it doesn’t stop it being one of the most romantic places in Europe.

Santorini, one of the most romantic places to go

If you’re seeking firey passion, look no further. It was a cataclysmic volcanic event 3,500-years-ago that created one of today’s most dramatically beautiful locations.

Santorini owes its coastline to a volcanic eruption of such force that it split the island in two, like two halves of a trinket and creating the sea between it and the neighbouring island of Thira, known as the Caldera.

So beautiful are the whitewashed buildings, with their highlights of bright blue, as they are tinged with brilliant sunset colours that it is impossible to not be impressed with this Greek beauty.

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Rome: romance is in the name

Oh, how can Rome not be romantic? The history, culture, food and wine, and all that Italian passion – it has all the ingredients for a lovers’ delight.

From the Spanish Steps, to the Coliseum, the Vatican to the Tiber River, Rome sprinkles its stardust.

Romantic places to go - the Trevi Fountain in Rome

And I defy anyone not to fall in love with the iconic Trevi fountain, from the first moment you set eyes on it. For me, it is one of the most romantic spots on Earth. So be sure to throw a coin into it when you visit.

According to legend if a visitor throws a coin into the fountain, they are sure to return to Rome. And why wouldn’t you?

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Paris: one of the most romantic places to go in the world

The city of the world famous Louvre is also the city of love.

Sunset skyline of Paris, France

To walk the streets of Paris is to be consumed by arguably the most romantic destination in the world.

Of course you will want to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame and more. However, take the chance to stroll its avenues and boulevards, and take in the charming ambience of its architecture. Plunge into the artist’s haven of Montmartre and after ambling along the River Seine, perhaps float through the on a romantic Bateaux Mouche evening cruise.

And don’t miss out on the typically Parisian treat of dining in a traditional bistro or brasserie.

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Cyprus: the love of legends

You’ll find fewer legendary romantic places to go than Petra tou Romiou, also known as Aphrodite’s Rock, on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The area is supposed to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, and she is after all the Greek goddess of love.

Aphrodite's Rock in Cyprus, one of the most romantic destinations in the world

With a compelling history, culture, and landscape, the island is more than just a beach destination or place to party. Nearby Paphos is a fascinating resort town, not least because of its Roman history.

Then there’s the natural beauty of the Troodos Mountains with its renowned hiking trails, scented pine forests and picturesque waterfalls. All this comes wrapped in the welcome from Cyprus’s generous and warm-hearted people.

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Barbados: bask in the sun

Beautiful Barbados has long been a Caribbean favourite, but it’s rarely recognised for its romantic spots. But journey round the island and there’s plenty for two to enjoy.

Barbados, one of the most romantic places to go in the world

Head to the west coast to relax on the balmy beaches facing onto the Caribbean Sea. Head east to Bathsheba for evocative landscapes and the rush of the Atlantic.

Tour historic sites like Nicholas Abbey, explore the natural underground beauty of Harrison’s Cave, or just relax in one of the islands many luxury hotels, or on one of more than 40 white sand beaches – either way it’s a recipe for love.

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Garden Route: South Africa’s scenic coast

Scenery that seduces the senses, delectable wines, and wild adventures. And that merely touches the surface of the exciting experiences that the Garden Route has for couples.

South Africa's Garden Route, one of the most romantic places to go

Stretching out along the south eastern coast of South Africa, the Garden Route is one of the country’s most popular holiday hotspots.

Passing through forests, game reserves, mountains, valleys, lakes and quaint towns, the glorious natural beauty of the Garden Route will make you fall in love with the world, let alone your partner.

With the Indian Ocean off the coast, this part of South Africa also gives you fabulous opportunities to see whales, dolphins, and even sharks.

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  1. I’m glad you had some more remote, lesser known destinations beyond the expected Paris and Italy. It’s easy to see why these exotic places are recognized for being romantic.

    • Thanks Brooke, glad you enjoyed them. It’s good to get away from the obvious (even though we love Paris and Rome), but there’s so many romantic places in the world why not go a little left of field.

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