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Building a Caribbean honeymoon with personality

It’s many people’s dream to follow a beautiful wedding day by heading off on honeymoon to what is considered to be one of the world’s most romantic destinations – the Caribbean. But how to make your experience extra-special, now that so many happy couples honeymoon there? Below are some ideas for a Caribbean honeymoon that’ll be just a little bit different.

Cool Jamaica

Cool Jamaica

Jamaica has a reputation far beyond tranquil honeymooning, and in fact, it’s unlikely ever to lose its reputation as one of the coolest spots in the world. “Cool” as in “laid back and with huge cachet”, not as in temperatures – you’ll certainly come back with a tan, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Bob Marley made reggae famous, and you’ll find its infectious beats everywhere, so much so that you may find yourself a new fan of the genre and spend your honeymoon seeking out dancehalls and beach parties.

The vibe continues with the street food – delectable roast fish and jerk chicken complemented by local rum. So enjoy your honeymoon by getting involved with local culture together – you’ll return with the biggest grin on your face ever.

Iconic Cuba

Iconic Cuba

Most don’t consider Cuba as a honeymoon destination, but with its elegant colonial buildings, vintage cars, and genuinely wide and welcoming smiles, you’ll feel that you’ve stumbled onto the set of “Honeymoon – The Musical!”

Don’t forget to hire one of those stunning ‘50s cars for the purpose of taking the most stylish selfies. If you can’t drive, don’t worry, the owner of the car will happily take you for a spin and point out the local history along the way.

Cuba has beautiful white sandy beaches in its tourist resorts, where you’ll find lots of all inclusive hotels for true relaxation. For city lovers, the capital Havana is a great experience. Why not combine the two.

Sublime St Lucia

Sublime St Lucia

St Lucia is a honeymooner’s dream, and in fact, thanks to being featured on TV series The Bachelor, you’ll find loved up couples like yourself all around. Your hotel will probably be geared up for romance, with hammocks for two, roomy outdoor showers, and rooms with spectacular views for those who don’t want to leave the bedroom yet still feel part of the Caribbean vibe.

But despite this, if you can bear to leave your room you should, because the island’s jazz festival in May is one of the best for music lovers, and the scenic volcanoes of the Petit Piton and Gros Piton must be explored.

Dominican Republic enriching the soul

Dominican Republic at sunset

The Dominican Republic is famous for its gorgeous beaches and has some fabulous designer hotels and resorts, so it’s easy to enjoy yourselves and relax in some truly luxurious surroundings.

If lazing on beaches and getting pampered is too much of a cliché for you, try heading for one of the most invigorating adventures around. Do you fancy jumping, sliding and swimming down twenty-seven waterfalls? Well, first you’ll have to get there. To reach the Damajaqua Cascades, you’ll wade, walk, hike, scramble over rocks and swim through a river before the huge adrenaline rush that comes from descending them.  Not your average honeymoon experience.

If these ideas have whet your appetite, try these sources for more information on the destinations listed: Dominican Republic, Cuba, St Lucia, Jamaica.


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