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RCI opens Instagram window on its world

Excited by the wonders of world travel? Global holiday exchange company RCI has launched a profile on Instagram to reveal the world in all its diverse colour.

The launch follows the success of its Facebook page earlier this year for people in Europe, which now has a community of 435,000+ committed travellers.

The new Instagram page is also dedicated to European travellers. You don’t have to be an RCI member to take a look and see which fabulous destinations around the world RCI members and others are enjoying, or to share your own insights into some of the most memorable places you have visited on your travels.

See the world with RCI on Instagram

Mitch Davis, social media executive for RCI Europe said: “Instagram is a great way to capture all your magical holiday moments and bring them into the lives of your family and friends, as you live them, by sharing through this fun and vibrant social window on your world. Plus its simple edit and filter tools give everyone’s photos a polished and professional look.”

“Many of our posts are in the moment images, others are awe-inspiring iconic locations. Whether the pictures simply shout about the pure joy of being away on a fabulous holiday, celebrate different cultures, share a joke or funny moment, or provide great facts about a destination, the important thing is that we can all learn more about the places we love, and open our eyes to those shores, mountains and lakes we have yet to discover.

RCI members too are joining the Instagram fun

“Our Instagram community is populated by people who love all the things you do about exploring the world in every which way you can do it. It’s more fun if you let them travel with you.”

Join RCI in Cancun - and also on Instagram

Follow RCI through a world of holidays – fresh posts go up throughout the week on both Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re an RCI member, be sure to use the hashtag #RCIFriends to make sure your fellow RCI members get to share your travel news and ideas and you will help RCI build a place for you to go when looking for holiday inspiration.

Join RCI on Instagram


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