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Get more from timeshare with RCI exchange holidays

If you own weeks at a timeshare resort or have points or a club membership, you’ll know that timeshare exchange holidays are one of the most attractive features of ownership.

But, particularly if you’re new to exchanging, you may feel challenged by the options available to you, how to find and put together an exchange holiday and how to make the best use of the flexibility built into your timeshare ownership.

RCI is the world’s leading provider of exchange holidays with more than 4,000 quality properties in prime holiday destinations around the globe. Owning timeshare coupled with an RCI membership gives you the opportunity to swap your holiday experience for one anywhere else in the world, and it is a programme that gives you a far greater number of holiday options than any other currently available

To help people learn more about how exchange holidays work and get the best in holiday choice and value from their timeshare ownership using their holiday exchange programme the company has launched some new videos.

The videos are available for both people who own weeks and points and are in 15 languages.

The short, fun videos explain how the RCI exchange programme works and will walk you through each stage of getting the exchange holiday of your dreams. They demonstrate how dynamic the exchange system is, with holiday week deposits being put into the exchange pool, and taken out every hour of every day, and the simple steps to exchanging your holiday with RCI.

RCI releases exchange holidays videos

Creator and RCI video project manager, Sonal Patel, said: “We have found our members absolutely love their timeshare ownership, once they have the confidence to use the exchange system properly.

“It is wonderful to see the difference it makes to them once they fully understand how their timeshare, coupled with RCI exchange, opens up the world of fabulous holiday experiences that awaits them.

“With home from home, spacious accommodation in prime holiday locations, plus so many great on-resort facilities, timeshare is the ideal holiday lifestyle choice for a family, as well as those who like to share their downtime with friends. The bonus is the unrivalled holiday choices, year after year, that their single timeshare home purchase gives them, which is why we at RCI have invested in our ‘How To’ videos. We are doing our best to ensure that all our members have the opportunity to get the very best holiday choice and value from their timeshare ownership.”


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