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How to travel and improve your golf game

There are many reasons for us all to travel and enjoy holidays around the world, sun, sea and relaxation are commonly sited. There is a growing trend towards activity holidays and one that is surging in popularity is golf and particularly all inclusive golf resorts.

It should not be a major surprise that one of the most popular and effective ways to improve your golf game is through travel. Not only does a holiday allow you to get away from the pressures and distractions of your daily life, but some of the best golf schools in the world are scattered far and wide. Golfing holidays provide opportunities to visit places you’ve never been to before and play a few rounds in exotic destinations.

But how can you ensure that your holiday has a positive impact on your game? The nature of golf coaching has changed so much over the past few years. However, with one-on-one tuition from on-site golf coaches, many of whom may be PGA/LPGA pros, the process will be more seamless and straightforward. This can only yield great results for your all round golf game.

See the world and improve your game

Many of the best golf schools in the US are located on the property of exquisite resort hotels. These resorts offer the opportunity to play on courses designed by famous names in the world of golf, such as Tom Fazio, Gene Hamm, and Clyde Johnston. Of course, it is a dream come true for any golf enthusiast to play these courses. And an additional benefit of staying at one of these all inclusive golf resorts is, you’ll also enjoy luxury accommodations and fine dining, often provided by Michelin star chefs.

All inclusive golf resorts help to improve your game

When you’re not on the green, you can take the opportunity to soak up the local culture and enjoy the scenery and attractions. Because many of the best golf schools in the world are located in such a wide variety of beautiful places, it’s easy to select your dream destination first and find a great golf resort nearby.

 All inclusive golf resorts can help improve your game

As a community, golfers collectively understand the number one factor to look at to improve a golfers game is strokes. If you are scoring in the 90s, and you break that threshold into the 80s, you are going to be happy with your improvement. There are many other steps along the way to be able to measure improvement aside from stroke counts. So if you are on holiday you may want to consider staying at an all-inclusive golf resort with a quality golf coach. He or she is going to be able to help you with the core aspects of your game such as:

  • Fundamental understanding of a good shot
  • How our bodies create a golf shot
  • Focus your practice
  • Quantify your results

With golf being a complete game containing many different factors, there is much more to go into measuring improvement than this, but these are the fundamentals. These all build on each other and let you evaluate the small successes in your game.

Play at some of the best golf courses in the US

Adding a golf coach into the mix is so helpful as it gives you someone who understands the differing types of players and approaches. They can help to move your golf education forward more quickly.

The coaches have enormous experience in spotting and correcting or improving any shortcomings you may have in your game. This gives you a leg up on the others who are trying to sort it out themselves.

Play while staying at an all inclusive golf resorts

Some people look at YouTube videos to pick up tips and tricks. But you have to sift through a great deal to try to find the stuff that may work for you. There is no personalisation in watching a YouTube video and what works for one person may not work for another. The personal touch of a coach cuts out much wasted the time that would otherwise be spent involved in creating and modifying your golf game.

Golf coaches take you to the next level

Crucially, the knowledge a good golf coach brings to you is the most important aspect of keeping your game on track. Establishing precedents and learning from previous mistakes is what we constantly do as humans, why would we not translate that to the golf course? To some degree we do, if we are hittng the ball to the left, we tweak things until we start hitting the ball to the right, then try to find a common ground in the middle.

A golf coach knows the things you are doing wrong from the start and has the knowledge and experience to give you solutions. Problems that could take you weeks to sort out on the range, can be seen and corrected by a good coach in a few minutes. Things such as a simple readjustment of your stance or moving your grip to improve your game is something a golf coach could pick up on immediately. Having such a source of established, tried and tested knowledge available to you is so helpful in moving your game forward and saving you time and money on weeks of practice.

Try your game at some of the best golf schools in the world

Think you don’t need a golf coach

Sometimes people think they don’t need a golf coach. There is a kind of pride factor involved with learning the game and devoting yourself to being an independent student.

Imagine yourself crushing your drives 300 yards or more, and hitting 80-90% green in regulation (GIR). You might be tempted to get there by training yourself, watching videos, analysing your swing and implementing changes throughout the process. After some years of trial and error, there may be a feeling of having achieved a certain threshold you’ve set for yourself. It can be a very rewarding experience.

Awaiting you are the best golf schools in the world

Looking back at your journey may well be a visceral experience and one you will be able to relate to and remember whenever you need some motivation. How many clever tricks and “fix my slice” articles did you have to read to get to that point? If you are a self-starter and truly determined to improve your golf game on your own, it can be done and it is rewarding. However, it does come at a cost and that cost is most specifically related to time and it is your precious time you’re using up.

Are golf coaches needed for success?

To improve your golf game you don’t have to use a golf coach, however, golf coaches can most certainly speed along the process and more quickly allow you to quantify the improvements to your game.

So if you seem to have a hit a wall in your golf game, or have stopped seeing improvements you might want to consider using a golf coach. Professional golf coaches can ensure quicker improvements and quantifiable measurements intended to help your all-around game.

Travel to the best golf schools in the world.

Whether you end up at an all-inclusive golf resort or not, or just want to hire a golf coach, do think about taking a break from the every day and experience what the wider world of golf has to offer. Bon voyage.


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