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Florida theme park sets out to chill


If you’re you a fan of scary movies Florida theme park Universal Studios could have the experience for you.

The Florida theme park is holding a Haunted House Experience in advance of the release of horror film The Thing, in October. The ride is set to send even the most hardy of scary movie fans through a terrifying experience. The film, set in an abandoned research facility in Antarctica, is about a group or researchers that are slowly infected by The Thing – a virus type paranoia.

From September the Florida theme park will host it’s Halloween Horror Nights 21 – a series of events in a haunted house similar to the one in the film. Guests will have first-hand experience of the fear and paranoia that sweeps through the group of researchers like a virus and will encounter an exact replica of The Thing. To add to the paranoia, The Thing can take on any shape or form, so guests at the Florida theme park will not know about it until it’s too late.

The eerie surroundings and lighting heighten the adult-only experience as the theme park goes all out to make people feel like they’re in the film. This authentic setting has been achieved by the Florida theme park teaming up with the film’s producers, Marc Abraham and Eric Newman.

Eric Newman said: “We want people to live the film and experience the same terror that affects the film’s characters. Our collaboration with Universal’s creative teams brought the vision of the film to life. We’re excited for Halloween Horror Nights guests to experience The Thing in this frighteningly real way.”

Senior vice president of entertainment at Universal Orlando Jim Timon said: “Having recreated well-known horror films in the past, the same level of attention to detail has gone into creating a house experience that will completely immerse guests into the storyline and environment of The Thing.”

Halloween Horror Nights 21 starts on September 21 and will run for 25 nights through to October 31.


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