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Timeshare resale market works for buyers and sellers

Timeshare resale is an important area of timeshare ownership but one that’s been hotly debated for a very long time.

This is predominately due to the rogue traders who saw some owners’ needs to sell on their timeshare as an easy route to defraud them with non-existent sales and attempts to ‘upgrade’ them into investment products which offered no real return. All of this of course at a cost to the owner.

The European Timeshare Directive which took effect in February 2011 also aims to make it harder for unscrupulous companies to operate and provides much needed protection and reassurance for consumers.

With timeshare having operated for many years, there are naturally situations where the circumstances and needs of owners have changed from when they first purchased at their resort. Maybe their families have grown up and no longer holiday together. Perhaps their financial situation is significantly different now or age and mortality are factors.

Whatever the reason, the timeshare industry needed an effective and relatively simple way for owners to pass on their timeshare to others who will be able to benefit from all that the product has to offer.

This is precisely where a well-structured and efficient timeshare resale company can assist. Timeshare resale companies specialise in matching buyers’ needs with the weeks available from their database of registered sellers.

As a note of caution however, owners who are wishing to sell should only ever deal with a recognised reputable timeshare resale company and should never, under any circumstances, discuss their details with anybody who cold calls them.

The resale market place not only provides a useful and much needed service for owners, but it can also be valuable for resorts and developers, providing a way for their ownership base to be invigorated with new and enthusiastic owners.

If you’ve been contacted by cold callers trying to convince you to sell your timeshare report them to TATOC’s (The Association for Timeshare Owners Committees) consumer helpline: 0845 230 2430 in the UK.

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