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Why we holiday in Fuengirola

Club La Costa Marina Del Sol features

“It’s all a bit Brit massive,” she said with a slightly screwed up nose that said it wasn’t for her, or us, she figured. We’d asked someone the way to the beach from our resort, Club La Costa’s Marina Del Sol, and our fellow British traveller was advising us not to venture too far down else we’d end up in Fuengirola.

I had never been to Fuengirola, one of the Costa Del Sol’s most popular resorts, but had heard all about it. For many people Fuengirola’s reputation goes before it. But what is it really like? We decided to ask the people who really know, and took to the streets of this holiday hotspot to speak to the visitors who return again and again. And were delighted to meet a truly international clientele…






We visited Fuengirola whilst staying at Club La Costa’s Marina Del Sol.


LiveShareTravel's co-founder Terry has never met a country he didn't like. In fact the more he has travelled the more he appreciates the world, and realises that people are largely reassuringly similar. He also enjoys discovering new cultures and has an endless wanderlust only matched by his passion for bathing in beer with new friends. Oh yes, he's most at home in the spa. Terry is also co-author of the The Luxury Traveller's Handbook.

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  1. I’ve lived in fuengirola as has my family for over 18 years. Love it and enjoy our lives here x

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