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What can a timeshare exchange company offer you?

If you own timeshare then you’d certainly benefit from membership of a holiday exchange company to get real value, choice and flexibility out of your membership. But which exchange company should you chose?

Here we look at what RCI has to offer and the benefits of joining the world’s largest timeshare exchange company.

RCI has been giving timeshare owners the chance to swap their accommodation for holidays in other quality resorts and destinations around the globe for nearly 40 years.

As an exchange company, RCI works by allowing timeshare owners who want to experience a different holiday and location to their home resort, which is where they made their timeshare purchase, to deposit their owned timeshare weeks into the RCI exchange network and to select alternative holiday accommodation. Once an unwanted week is deposited with RCI, the member can then make a reservation at another of the more than 4,000 RCI-affiliated resorts around the world to enjoy a completely different holiday experience.

RCI the world’s largest exchange company

So if you have bought a timeshare for example inPortugal, you can swap it for one inFlorida,Lanzarote,South Africa– almost anywhere.  Each week you own is given a trading power, calculated using various criteria, such as the seasonality of the week, the size and type of the accommodation, and the resort’s RCI rating which is based on feedback from RCI Member Comment Card Scores for each resort.  RCI offers its members maximum flexibility in their holiday planning, allowing them to:

  • Book an RCI holiday that has the same trading power as a deposited week (Deposit) – a like for like Exchange
  • Book an RCI Exchange Holiday that requires less trading power than that of the deposited week, which means the member would receive a Deposit Credit to be used to book another RCI Exchange Holiday
  • Combined Deposits and Deposit Credits are used by RCI members to boost their trading power which gives them a great opportunity to book a holiday they may often have dreamed of, but couldn’t exchange into before RCI introduced a new level of flexibility to its membership.

Simple guides on how to manage your RCI account to be sure you get the most out of your RCI membership can be found on, the member website, which has micro-sites dedicated to member tutorials.

Pat and Colin Thomas, from Hertfordshire, share what RCI membership has brought to their lives throughout 27 years of membership. Pat said: “We have only been back to our home resort once. RCI membership has given us so many different wonderful adventures and experiences. We love to travel and have used our membership to take 44 RCI Exchange Holidays, visiting 21 different countries. We use both the website and the RCI call centre to plan our stays and have enjoyed every kind of holiday, from cruising the UK waterways, a safari in Kenya and adventure in Mexico, to celebrations in New York.”

Exchange company, RCI member Colin Thomas in Manhattan

Exchange company, RCI member Pat Thomas in Central Park









RCI is part of the Wyndham Group of companies – the world’s largest leisure & hospitality group, and has:

  • Been providing exchange holidays since 1974
  • Arranged approximately two million exchange holidays  last year
  • More than 4,000 affiliated resorts in approximately 100 countries
  • 3,700 employees in 27 countries.

“Timeshare without RCI is wasted!” said RCI member Petresis Odyseffs. “I have already exchanged many times with RCI, around 12 or 13 times in the last five to six years, as it really has been easy to find a holiday for me and my family. I am always confident of the quality of the resorts.”

Want to know more about RCI membership? Read: Why choose RCI as your exchange company?

This feature was sponsored by RCI. Find out more about the timeshare exchange company.

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