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Travel club offers great eXpectations

A revolutionary travel club has launched with a mission to provide quality accommodation around the world based on your travel needs.

eXpectations is a timeshare club with a difference – you don’t have to own timeshare to access accommodation. It is a points-based travel club in which members can buy points for holidays around the world.

Unlike a traditional timeshare points club, holidaymakers can purchase eXpectations points in whatever quantity they need to book their annual trip.

Added to that, members of the travel club have access to three- to five-star hotels and resorts around the world.

There are two ways that you can become an eXpecations member – purchase eXpecations points from the travel club or apply to have your existing timeshare week(s) converted into eXpectations points.

Travel club eXpectations

Features of the travel club

eXpectations is the brainchild of Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket, Europe’s leading timeshare resales company. And the travel club is poised to solve some of the challenges faced by timeshare owners.

The private travel club is set to relieve owners of management fees and provide an exit solution for those who no longer require their timeshare. Features include:

  • Access to 4,000 resorts around the world. Accommodation is either owned by the club or available through an agreement with timeshare exchange network, RCI.
  • Timeshare owners can apply to exchange week(s) for eXpectations points. In this instance the travel club will take over ownership and liability for management fees.
  • After three years’ membership owners can give six months’ notice to leave the travel club with no further commitment or penalties.
  • Members can rent additional points, transfer them to other members or extend their usage period.
  • Access to RCI Platinum, an exclusive range of travel and lifestyle benefits.
  • A free exchange.

Travel club eXpectationsTravel club eXpectations








Phil Watson, chief executive of Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket said of the travel club: “eXpectations is a super product for the next generation of owners looking for high quality accommodation. It also resolves the need for an ‘exit’ route for the very first generation of timeshare owners.

“We wanted to develop a simple private club which timeshare owners can join without any detrimental impact on their own resort. It allows them the opportunity to enjoy timeshare holidays for as long as they want.

“As a company we’ve always supported TATOC, the consumer association representing timeshare owners. So we have included free individual membership to TATOC as well. This is an industry first. No other company has offered TATOC membership to their owners in this way before.”

Travel club eXpectationsTATOC’s executive chairman Harry Taylor said: “eXpectations is a great product tackling two of the biggest issues facing the industry today. We are delighted Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket is supporting TATOC by including individual membership to the association. This is great for owners and for TATOC.”

The eXpectations team will purchase timeshare weeks from members based on strict criteria to develop a balanced portfolio for the travel club. Timeshare weeks must:

  • Be from well-managed and well maintained resorts.
  • Have reasonably priced management fees.
  • Have a high RCI points value.

“eXpectations will pay the annual management as our objective is to have these weeks available for our members,” explained Phil Watson.

“It’s a win-win situation especially for mature resorts which may be struggling with management fee collection from elderly members.”

Why the need for eXpectations?

Timeshare has come a long way since it was first conceived in the 1960s. It is now considered a robust and highly-regulated industry sending millions of people on holiday every year.

In the early days timeshare was sold as a long-term holiday product giving the buyer and their family holidays of a lifetime for a lifetime.

The first generation of owners enjoyed many years of quality holidays. They are exceptionally enthusiastic about their timeshare and regard it as a “home from home”, offering a wealth of facilities including swimming pools, saunas, tennis courts and golf courses.

Timeshare accommodation is typically far more spacious than that in standard hotels. Each apartment typically includes a kitchen, dining and living areas and one or two bedrooms and bathrooms.

The first generation of owners are now either nearing retirement or have retired. They originally planned to pass their ownership on to their children. But today’s younger generation are looking for a different holiday experience and are less keen on a long-term commitment.

This leaves the original owner questioning what should be done with their timeshare. eXpectations answers these questions. Not only does the travel club allow timeshare owners the option of leaving timeshare-free after a three-year period, it provides the short-term, flexible, quality holiday product required by the new generation of owners.

Find out more about eXpectations.


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