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Find your place in the sun with timeshare resale company Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket

Timeshare resales is an area of shared holiday ownership that has grown in recent years.

The resales market has largely developed from some early timeshare owners’ desire to sell on their holiday ownership

There are many specialist companies in the field.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell timeshare you can find an independent, professional broker to give you the best possible advice. However also be aware that this is a sector of the timeshare industry that sadly has its fair share of shady companies.

For tips of timeshare resale companies you can trust, take a look at the consumer group TATOC’s website. It lists a number of companies who are accredited to the organisation and dedicated to looking after the needs of those wishing to sell on, or indeed purchase, timeshare.

Also if a company contacts you unexpectedly and offers to sell your timeshare for a fee think very carefully before handing over your money. Instead, call the TATOC helpline first to find out more about the company in question. TATOC keeps a regularly updated list of untrustworthy cold callers.

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