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Some people come to solo travel out of necessity, others out of choice. But if you ever find yourself a solo traveller, you’ll want to consult this solo book before you plan, while you’re booking and during your trip.

Written by seasoned solo traveller Janice Waugh, of the Solo Traveler, The Solo Traveler’s Handbook is for those who love and those who long to go solo.

The Solo Traveler's Handbook - a solo book for solo travellersJanice  offers solo travel stories, tips, safety advice and destination ideas.

This is the second edition of The Solo Traveler’s Handbook (first published in 2011) and it offers more stories and tips on how to make your own way as a solo traveller, how to have fun, but also to do so safely. It will help you venture out with confidence to discover yourself as you discover the world. It includes:

              • A comprehensive how and why of solo travel.
              • Real solo travel stories.
              • Solo and social: meeting locals and other travellers.
              • Safety: four priorities, five principles and sixty tips.
              • Planning and packing.
              • Where to go and when.
              • Dozens of resources.

Solo book joins other travel styles in new series

The Solo Traveler’s Handbook is part of a great new series of travel books about how you choose to experience the world.

The solo book and other Traveler’s Handbooks are published by Full Flight Press, a collective of independent travel writers and publishers, all experts in their style of travel.

All books are available in paperback ($16.99 or £12.99) and on your favourite e-reader ($9.99 or £7.99) from Amazon.

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The Food Traveler's Handbook








Luxury (UK)                 Family (UK)              Food (UK)            Cruise (UK)

The Volunteer Traveler's HandbookThe Solo Traveler's Handbook








Volunteer (UK)         Career Break (UK)        Solo (UK)           Adventure (UK)

The Traveler’s Handbook series includes: The Career Break Traveler’s Handbook, by Jeff Jung of the ace Career Break Secrets, The Food Traveler’s Handbook, by Jodi Ettenberg of the delicious Legal Nomads, The Luxury Traveler’s Handbook (in US and UK editions), by us, Sarah and Terry Lee of luxury loving, LiveShareTravel, the second edition of The Solo Traveler’s Handbook, by Janice Waugh of the solo and savvy Solo Traveler, and The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook, by Shannon O’Donnell of the inspiring A Little Adrift.

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