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Despite all the advances in technology, from tablets to smartphones and apps – it’s difficult to beat a good book. And that’s why we’re proud to be part of Full Flight Press, an independent publishing house which has developed a smart new range of travel books.

But The Traveler’s Handbooks are no ordinary travel books.

While most publishers either produce guides to particular destinations or perhaps offer up Bill Bryson-esque travel narratives, the Traveler’s Handbooks are a new breed of travel books. They focus on travel styles – the various ways in which people choose to see the world.

They have been produced by an experienced collection of writers and publishers, subject matter experts who exemplify their travel style. And with an extensive online community, and growing collection of travel resources for each niche, these travel books are more than just a good read.

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The Food Traveler's Handbook








Luxury (UK)                 Family (UK)              Food (UK)            Cruise (UK)

The Volunteer Traveler's HandbookThe Solo Traveler's Handbook








Volunteer (UK)         Career Break (UK)        Solo (UK)           Adventure (UK)


Travel books for every traveler

Unlike traditional travel guidebooks that focus on destinations and logistics, the Traveler’s Handbooks appeal to the independent traveler looking to see the world in their own favoured style.

Books in this series offer up practical tips and advice and inspire through first-hand stories.

The Traveler’s Handbooks combine inspiration with invaluable advice on how you like to see the world, because today how and why you travel is as important as where you go to.

Sarah Lee, co-author of The Luxury Traveler’s Handbook and editor of LiveShareTravel said: “There was a time when just travelling in the first place was a privilege – a rarely indulged chance to explore a far-flung corner of the planet. But with travel increasingly more accessible and popular, people are choosing how they travel as much as where they are going to next.

“Just think about how many gap year travellers you know, how many cruise fans, wellness lovers, backpackers, hikers and skiers there are and you’ll understand just how important the way people choose to see the world has become.”

The Travelers Handbooks are a fresh look at how we travel today and how we will be traveling tomorrow. The first five books in the Traveler’s Handbook Series are available now in paperback at £12.99/$16.99) and on your favourite e-reader (from Kindle, to iBooks, Nook, Kobo and more at £7.99/$9.99). More titles will be added in 2013.

You can buy The Luxury Traveler’s Handbook below (available in paperback and most e-readers)

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