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16 must have accessories for the home for people who love to travel

16 must have accessories for the homeYour home says a lot about you, and if like us you are a keen traveller, why not show your taste for the international with these accessories for the home.

We have handpicked a range of furnishings to help create a space in your home where you can dream of far-flung shores.

So when your luxury adventures are over, you still have your own travel themed room to retreat to.

From a quirky suitcase coffee table to Moroccan bathroom features, these accessories make a great focal point.

If you have other ideas for creating a travel-themed space, share it with us at the end of the post.

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Travel inspired accessories for the home

For the living room

1. Suitcase Table

We think this beautiful table makes a great addition to the living room – and it is great if you need some convenient storage space.

From £120, click here to buy

2. Vintage Travel Cushion

Add some character to your living room with this Amalfi coast cushion.

From £28, click here to buy

3. Skyline Candle Holders

These sleek candles featuring iconic city skylines are a simple design to compliment a variety of spaces and you can select your favourite from a range of well-known cities. Or even go with a few different ones.

From £16.50, click here to buy

4. Attractions Wall Mural

For a quick and easy way to add a travel theme to your living space, this city sights wall mural makes a nice feature wall.

From £11, click here to buy

For the bedroom

5. Postcards Wallpaper

Vintage travel fans will love this novelty wallpaper featuring worldwide destinations, a great complement for modern as well as traditional homes.

From £3, click here to buy

6. Tribal Print Rug

This rug is perfect for adding a statement print to a bedroom or work space, and reminds us of exploring foreign markets and souks.

From £43, click here to buy

 7. ‘Just Go’ Art Print

We think this made-for-wanderlust print says it all!

From £5, click here to buy

8. Storage Chest

Ideal for vintage styled rooms, this storage chest will hold all manner of items from bed linen to footwear.

From £40, click here to buy

For the kitchen and dining

9. First Class Chef Tea Towel

Relive the days before e-mail and instant messaging with this airmail themed tea towel to brighten up your kitchen.

From £4, click here to buy

10. Travel Mug

Whether you are planning your travels or regaling your adventures to a friend with a drink in hand, this unique airport code travel mug will reflect your love of travel.

From $20, click here to buy

11. World Map Print Lap Trays

Literally plan your travels over dinner with this world map lap tray.

From £15, click here to buy

12. Travel Stamps Coaster

These unique coasters can be customised with your own travel photos for a really personal touch.

From £8 per coaster, click here to buy

For the bathroom

13. Moroccan Bathroom Sink

Featuring a design unique to Fez, Morocco, this ceramic sink is hand painted in floral and geometric patterns using cobalt blues to create an eye catching centrepiece for your bathroom.

From £119, click here to buy

14. Tropical Bath Mat

Add the final touch with this tropical themed mat to create a rainforest oasis in your bathroom.

From £20, click here to buy

15. Travel Quote Shower Curtain

Make the most of shower time and dream of places you have never been with this inspiring quote curtain.

From £54.50, click here to buy

16. Bathroom Accessories Set

Easily transform your bathroom with this four-piece vintage Paris themed accessory set. Contains tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dish and dispenser.

From £25, click here to buy

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