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Top travel beauty tips for every destination

Travel beauty tips for every destinationIt may sound like pure frippery, but keeping your skin tip-top and your hair sleek while on holiday is as important to many people as it is at home.

But with liquid restrictions at airport security and keeping things a little more simple when packing, it can feel like you have to sacrifice your travel beauty regime in order to have a stress-free holiday.

Not so!

There are many travellers out there who continue to keep up their routines without slipping into the trap of just ‘making do’.

And it doesn’t have to be a palaver either with these top travel beauty tips to ensure your travel beauty stays at the top of its game wherever you fly.

Travel beauty tips

Multitasking is key

travel beauty - woman applying red lipstick

It may sound obvious but so many people forget that you can often use one product for more than it was originally intended for.

Take lipstick, for example, which can be used as a blush on the apples of your cheeks as well as for that wash of colour on your lips. Just make sure you pick a matte, or sheer formula – shimmer will only look dated on your cheeks.

Eight Hour Cream is the ultimate multi-tasker as you can use it as a lip balm, hair serum for dry ends, sheen for your brow and cheek bone and it’s amazing for sunburn too. There’s a reason why millions of people regard it as one of the best moisturisers.

If you like to use foundation and powder, switch to a powder foundation to kill two birds with one stone. And if you typically like to wear something with a little less coverage then take a CC cream or BB cream instead which doubles as coverage and moisturiser.

Decant, declutter and destroy

travel beauty - makeup brush in pot

If you’ve chosen to pack light, or you simply want to save some space in your luggage for some shopping then you need to follow these golden rules.

Decant your products into smaller containers. You can pick up airport security approved kits almost anywhere, but the sets sold by Muji are particularly good – elegant and simple. Using a little funnel (which typically comes with the set you buy) you can easily decant your normal products into dinky pots perfect for a shorter trip.

While you can, of course, take as many products as you feel you need it’s a good idea to ensure you aren’t taking anything surplus to requirements. For example, if you usually take an oil, serum and moisturiser – perhaps skip either serum or oil. Particularly when you are travelling to a different climate, your skincare will need to change accordingly. So you may need something richer, like a night cream during the daytime too – which saves you taking both.

And it goes without saying that you should destroy anything past it’s sell by date. Even beauty products go off!

Airport shopping

travel beauty - woman carrying louis vuitton luggage at airport

Don’t dismiss the power of duty-free shopping! For beauty products it’s a cove of hidden gems.

Almost every brand from Dior to Clinique create separate ranges exclusively for airport retail, so you can grab yourself a bargain without clogging up your carry on allowance.

Pick up something with a brand’s classic products in miniature form for the most versatile travel companion. Once you use them up you can keep the containers to decant future product into. This is especially handy if you are a light packer.

For those in the know, head to Jo Malone or Creme De La Mer where you can have a speedy facial or hand massage before you fly. This is the perfect way to start your holiday in total relaxation.

Capsule makeup wardrobe

If you’ve followed the steps above you should have no issues with this one.

Simply try everything you have edited down on your face and make sure each product serves a purpose, and complements the others. So, for example, if you have packed a red lipstick – the only blush you need to bring is one that matches (a tawny, red based one as opposed to coral or pink).

Similarly, if you are going to be wearing your hair in a fairly natural style there will be no need to bring mousse, hairspray and styling cream. Just take serum or oil and be done with it.

Travel beauty tips for every destination

Think of it as you would a capsule wardrobe: if you have a rogue piece that you really want to bring but it actually doesn’t work with any of the other pieces, chuck it out. It may sound brutal, but you will be so much happier with the extra space when you get to your destination. And let’s face it, holidays are the perfect time to go a little ‘au naturelle’.

What are your top travel beauty tips? Share them with us below.


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