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Seven of the best quirky adventures in unusual travel destinations

Seven best quirky adventures and unusual travel destinationsWhat’s life without a little adventure? Be it unusual travel destinations or quirky adventures it’s always good to try something different.

The world is full of great adventures from road-tripping on the Great Ocean Road, to exploring the jungles of Ecuador, or swimming with turtles in the Caribbean.

But the the world has many quirky adventures for those looking for something unusual.

So we’ve collected some quirky activities and adventures some in unusual destinations, to help enrich your travels.

Here are seven quirky adventures to get your travel plans flowing, from unusual hotel stays to learning new skills.

If you have been somewhere on the road less travelled, or taken part in a bizarre activity while on your travels, share your experiences with us at the end of the story.

Unusual travel destinations and adventures

1. Spend a night in a lighthouse

Unusual travel destinations - Corsewall Lighthouse in Galloway is the ideal base for exploring the Scottish region of Dumfries and Galloway Pic Andy Muir

Lighthouses have long been associated with romance and sea-faring tales from a bygone era.

Scotland’s Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel is home to an award-winning restaurant and is well-located for exploring the region of Dumfries and Galloway.

With two king size suites, the hotel is a historic luxury hideaway for two, and offers stunning sea views, naturally!

2. Do time in an old US prison

Unusual travel destinations - Liberty Hotel in Boston | pic: Sunghwan Yoon

A number of disused prisons around the world have been converted into plush hotels.

The Liberty Hotel in Boston, in the US is one such place. Previously Charles Street Jail, the views of the lobby in the hotel reveal its past, with prison-esque landings.

Now a Starwood hotel featuring luxe soft lighting, and dark leather and wood interiors, you probably won’t mind being doing time here.

3. A good deed for your holiday in Asia

Unusual travel destinations - Feel enriched from your travels by volunteering in Asia

If you like to feel enriched from your travels, volunteering could offer a great experience.

There are a variety of projects you can get involved in around the world, some don’t necessarily require a lot of time on the ground, but you can play your part within the confines of a two-week. You can assist with rainforest conservation initiatives, or teach children English in the Caribbean.

Research volunteer activities carefully to identify responsible projects which leave a positive impact – The Volunteer Traveller’s Handbook is a good place to start for useful tips and advice. People and Places is one award-winning organisation recognised for its ethical practices. Also look into the work of the Sandals Foundation which allows you to combine work on voluntary programmes with beach breaks in the Caribbean.

4. Learn to salsa in Cuba

Unusual travel destinations - do something different and learn salsa in Cuba| Pic: SteveR

Cuba’s music has always had a distinct romance and passion about it, from the sway of the melody to the energy of the beat.

So why not learn to salsa in between seeing Cuba’s sights. Santiago de Cuba is the birthplace of salsa and lessons with professional dancers are combined with nights out to put your new moves into practice. Caledonia Holidays offers two-week trips from £1,345 per person.

5. Stay on your own private island in Fiji

Unusual travel destinations - visit Matangi Island | pic: Claire Gribbin

Enjoy the soft sounds of the sea, a tropical breeze, clear skies and best of all no-one else to share it with except your travelling companions with a stay on a private island resort in Fiji.

Mantangi Private Island Resort offers beachfront villas from £650 per couple, per night.

6. Take part in a food fight

Unusual travel destinations - the Battle of the Oranges in Ivrea, Italy is one of the world's oldest events | Pic: YouTube

The Battle of the Oranges in Ivrea, Piedmont is a popular event in Italy, as well as one of the oldest in the world.

Established in 1808, the event is held as part of a parade, which re-enacts the Italian Civil War that broke out between the people of Ivrea and Royal Napoleonic Troops after the murder of hated tyrant Raineri di Biandrate.

Filling the city with fantastic colours and fruity aromas, the battle features squads of orange throwers on foot – representing the people of Ivrea – with the ‘Napoleonic Troops’ defending their piazzas from carts.

7. Mess about on the water in the Netherlands

Unusual travel destinations - visit the region of Giethoorn | Pic: piotr llowiecki

Giethoorn in the Netherlands is a rather enchanting place and one of the world’s more unusual travel destinations. Here roads are replaced by canals. Touring the waterways you pass chocolate box houses worthy of a fairytale, and your tour guide will regale you with stories from the region’s past.

Giethoorn  is translated as goat horn, owing to the discovery of goat skulls when the area was excavated for development many years ago. As well as the village’s origins you will learn about the local way of life, and its previous residents. Sit back, relax and enjoy the tranquility.

‘t Zwaantje offer a range of boat packages and tours.

Some images here are licensed under Creative Commons 2.0andy muirSunghwan YoonGeorge LuSteveR-Claire Gribbin and piotr iłowiecki


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