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Extra Special Holidays with RCI Exchange

For travel lovers, variety is certainly the spice of life. We want to travel as often as we can, visiting new and exciting places, but few of us have the deep pockets to do so all the time, that’s where some luxury travellers have found RCI Extra Holidays and opened up a world of affordable luxury adventures.

Maria Musgrove-Wethey shares her experience, she has been a member of RCI, the global leader in exchange holidays and part of the Wyndham Worldwide hotel group, for 25 years. Here Maria explains how, using RCI Extra Holidays – a rental option available to members – in addition to her exchange weeks, she is able to enjoy great-value holidays with her family and friends.

Value your exchanges

Family holidays in Antigua

Maria remarked that: “Being a business owner and a mother, life can get hectic, so holiday times with my husband, Robin, and my daughter, Isabella (12), are so important. 25 years ago, I purchased four weeks of timeshare, and today I won’t hear a word against it. If you make good purchasing decisions and deposit quickly, you open up a whole world of adventure.

I bought timeshare solely to transact as an RCI member, so my exchange weeks are valuable to me. I’m paying maintenance, and exchange fees, so I make certain to get the best holiday I can with my trading power. Extra Holiday can cost as little as £195*, so to me it makes sense to keep my exchange weeks for a special getaway and make the most out of a good-value Extra Holiday instead.”

The Musgrove-Wethey family enjoying yet another holiday

“When searching on, I look at everything available, rather than filtering to only exchanges. That way I can decide which is better value for me. I once even booked an all-inclusive week to Saint Lucia as an Extra Holiday – it’s always good to keep your options open.”

Trust in quality

“I do the majority of my holidaying with RCI, because I want stress-free holidays. Over the years, I’ve forgotten which RCI holidays have been exchanges and which were Extra Holidays, because the quality is the same and I’ve come to rely on this. I don’t want to have even the slightest worry about what I’m going to get when I arrive somewhere, and with RCI, I don’t have to.”

RCI Extra Holidays bring you the world

“I do sense check the price of my Extra Holiday on a comparison site, and it’s always competitive – so I don’t see the point in trawling the internet, when I can book with confidence and comfort on”

Give your friends something extra

Underwater or on land, RCI Extra Holidays are extraordinary

“In the past, I have booked Extra Holidays and purchased a guest certificate to transfer them to a friend or relative. In 2007, we went on holiday to Madeira with friends and had initially planned to share an apartment at the Pestana Miramar (5440). But we decided it would be better to have more privacy, with separate apartments. I checked to see which Extra Holidays were available and found a studio apartment at Pestana Village (3725), which shares facilities with the Miramar, for only £100. You couldn’t get one night in a good hotel in Madeira for that price, and our friends were delighted.”

What are RCI Extra Holidays?

At RCI, we listen to our members. We want to help them to get the Exchange Holiday of their dreams, time after time. To do this, we rely on our members to deposit. The earlier our members make their deposits, the more choice there is for everyone! However, to give members even more choice and flexibility, we also secure extra accommodation each year to satisfy demand, which we offer in the form of great value, RCI Extra Holidays.

*Price is based on a Studio/Hotel apartment as a Late Deal within Europe. Late Deals are discounted Extra Holidays typically available less than six weeks before check-in.

Own timeshare but not an RCI member? Unlock the potential of your timeshare and access the largest holiday exchange network with more than 4,000 resorts worldwide – visit to join today. Plus, get your first exchange FREE by quoting ‘RST10’.

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